Imagine the tournament experience at home

Discover the New Era of Darts with eTarget - A Professional Electronic Darts Machine That Redefines Your Game!

eTarget dart board front side image
Compact Design
Experience a game-changing electronic dartboard with the sleek size of a steel dart. eTarget stands out with its minimalist design, offering a clutter-free darts experience.
Affordable Excellence
Enjoy professional quality at half the cost of conventional electronic dartboards. eTarget brings affordability without compromising on quality.
Simple Installation
Get set up in minutes! eTarget's user-friendly design ensures quick and easy installation on existing steel dart mounts.
Take your game on the road. eTarget is ideal for tournaments, offering effortless transport and setup.
Its dartboard-sized dimensions mean eTarget requires minimal space, making it perfect for any setting.
Diverse Game Options
Choose from a variety of games including x01, cricket, high score, shanghai, and more. eTarget offers endless entertainment.
Intuitive Controls
Navigate through menus effortlessly with eTarget's intuitive interface, making game setup a breeze.
Durability and Resistance
Built to last, eTarget withstands wear and tear, ensuring long-term enjoyment.