Talking Dart for blind and visually impaired

Is a new generation electronic darts product.

A completely interactive gameplay and efficacy for a better understanding and a clear idea of how to start playing darts, is achieved through state­of­the­art technology

Independent control of the machine is enabled through the talking help system.

All you need to know: the games, options, rules and scoring, the machine tells you itself. The details of the game are displayed in 3D graphics on a 19″ LCD monitor as well as a large additional monitor.

This is perfect for visually impaired people as well as perspicacious players of all levels of abilities.

The system setup offers several configuration options to suit the needs of every customer.

Who uses a Talking Dart ?

Blind and visually impaired people who want to participate as equals in competitions out of their associations which contributes to their socialization and improves the quality of their lives.

Schools and sport clubs for the blind and visually impaired.
People who like to play darts, but don’t know the rules.

Games and Options:

  • 301
  • 501
  • high score
  • shanghai
  • cricket
  • contra cricket
  • tournament
  • training mode
  • double in
  • double out
  • master out
  • team (one to four)
  • quattro